A Little Bit of History

The start of our journey began over 40 years ago when Derrick Sutton began mixing his potions of industrial soaps and bleaches in a cut off barrel with a brush handle. This method found the business being fondly referred to as ‘Broomstick Industries’, a name still uttered around the office, and to this day Derrick’s son John Sutton (our very own mad scientist and MD!) still believes that the best way to mix his chemicals is with a brush handle in a barrel!

Combining our chemical knowledge and our experience in the metal surface processing industry, we have developed and streamlined a range of methods to strip paint and coatings from metal surfaces, specialising in processes tailored to the car restoration market and coatings industry.

Chemical Manufacturing

At Ribble Technology (Preston) Ltd, the chemicals we design and manufacture are used and approved in our workshop by our technicians before making their way to clients across the UK. We are the only chemical manufacturer in the UK to do this. This ensures we do not sell anything which we haven’t tried and tested ourselves, so we know just how effective these chemicals are.