At Ribble Technology (Preston) Ltd, we not only manufacture chemical blends to distribute to customers throughout the UK and EU, but we also use our own products in-house as we run our own paint stripping company too! So, when it comes to paint stripping, in particular the alloy wheel market, there is no other company with as thorough knowledge as us that can provide you with products, information, and customer service. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to ensure our customers are given appropriate information regarding the products, safety, and PPE to suit their own business needs.

From solvent-based to water-based strippers, we can supply the right mix for your business. We have supplied the wheel refurbishment industry for over 20 years and have found ourselves growing within the market at a considerable rate. 

For many years, and even still now, blasting has been considered the way to strip wheels. However, this is very labour intensive. This is where chemical stripping takes the lead.

The chemical stripping process allows you to strip the wheel with minimal effort. The process involves submerging the wheels into a tank of chemical which then delaminates the paint, leaving a bare metal finish, ready for recoating.

alloy wheel stripping before


alloy wheel stripping during


alloy wheel stripping after


At Ribble Technology, we can supply the full chemical set up starting from initial consultation through to the set up. We are professionals in our field with over 40 years’ paint stripping experience behind us. 

One of our most popular set up starts from as little as £1000, known as our “business in a box”, which includes a poly tank, all your PPE needs as well as the chemical needed to carry out the works. And for more fast-paced set ups, we can offer a stainless-steel tank with a mesh basket, PPE, and chemicals for as little as £3000!

alloy wheel stripping tank
alloy wheel stripping chemicals 2

Both of these set ups use our most popular alloy wheel stripping chemical, Stripper HF, which uses a blend of solvents and Hydrofluoric Acid for guaranteed performance. This will alloy you to strip up to 5 sets of wheels a day per tank set up. For bigger set ups, you can run multiple tanks or even use our hot strip chemical.

Our most popular hot strip chemical is our Ribstrip 17. This water-based product uses a fine blend of Benzyl Alcohol and mild acids, mixed with water to ensure maximum performance with little harm to the environment and the user. This chemical, with the correct set up has seen users strip up to 20 sets of wheels a day.

Both chemicals have been developed by our in-house chemist, mad scientist and MD, John Sutton, to perform the best for our business and yours. 

We have a fully operating paint stripping workshop which uses both chemicals in-house so we can answer any queries with truth. Unlike all the other companies supplying these products, they are not tested in textbook laboratory conditions (which never quite match real life!), these are tested in our 5000 sq ft functioning workshop, in conditions similar to yours.

For the more cautious users amongst us, we can offer a safer alternative to the acid-based stripper, using solvents only, our Stripper MC. This is a non-corrosive paint stripper which uses Dichloromethane to strip the paint from metal surfaces for pre-treatment and coating.

Please get in touch for further information on any aspects of the services we offer, we always welcome enquiries.