Our stripper doing what it does best on a set of 20 inch Merc wheels off a 58 plate ML280.

These wheels are renowned for being as stubborn as the wife, so we put our HF to the test!

The acid is 3 weeks old and as you will see, is def not at its best. We could of used a nice new bath of chemical, but that wouldn’t be fair on you our customers. Yes it would of stripped in half the time, however the fact that it didn’t take too much longer to strip in that proves how good it is! It was 0 degrees too so we had the weather against us. Let’s see what it can do!

We don’t often strip wheels, however these have us the opportunity to show what our product can do. When we put our video clips together and it was 30 mins long! So I’ve cut to the juicy bits (because when showcasing our chemical, we don’t need to watch someone use the power washer for half of it!)