Please note: We are no longer offering strippng / dipping of car and vehicle shells, to focus on commercial paint stripping. 

Reloved by Ribble Technology

Here at Ribble Technology Ltd, we firmly believe in “restoration over rubbish.” In short, we offer a cost-effective way to refurbish, recycle and re-love a wide range of metal projects and items which would have otherwise ended up on the back of the scrap man’s van.

Car shells, panels, engine blocks, push bike and motorcycle frames and parts and components, aluminium extrusions, gates, cast iron radiators, garden furniture, grids, railings, parts for Blackpool Illuminations, Victorian lamps from Westminster Bridge, boat engines, aerospace parts, telephone boxes which a customer was refurbishing as a garden feature… just a small selection of the projects we have processed in our workshop for a range of private and industrial customers!

We often have customers contact us with aluminium garden sets which have only survived one summer and have begun to peel. This is because in the factory the parts are not primed so the topcoat has nothing to adhere to. Our process involves using an anti-corrosive and anti-gas primer, meaning that the top powder coat is far harder wearing than it is when it was fresh off the production line! 

Please note, we advise that Wrought Iron parts that will be exposed to the elements, such as gates and railings, will require galvanising after stripping and before we topcoat, to prevent rust bleed and preserve the metal. Although we do not offer this service, we can outsource this and arrange for this to be completed for you.