Metal Garden Furniture Restoration Services

As the summer months have arrived and the lockdown restrictions are finally easing, many of you will be preparing your gardens for parties and BBQs. The perfect time to update and refresh any old garden furniture that you may have lying around. Thinking of throwing it away? Think again!

Here at Ribble we believe in showing old garden furniture a bit of love and getting it back to new again. We do this with a chemical strip, using our inhouse made Stripper HF, which is a fantastic powder coat stripper. This is the gentlest form of stripping as opposed to blasting which could lead to further damage. Although our Stripper HF is used mainly in the alloy wheel refurbishment business, it is also a fantastic product for delaminating paint off other metal surfaces too, without damaging the structural integrity of the metal itself.

Once fully stripped, we then use our PAC 89 chemical to treat any oxidisation which has occurred on the metal itself. PAC 89 is a specially formulated phosphoric acid cleaner which is used to de-rust and clean metal surfaces. At this point the furniture is down to raw metal and ready to be painted.

 Our first step of the painting process is an anti-gas epoxy primer. We do this as it helps the paint adhere to the furniture. Often when you buy metal garden furniture this step is not applied by the manufacturer, they just go straight to a topcoat. This leaves a space between the metal and the paint itself, in turn causing oxidisation. 

The final step of the process is a topcoat in a colour of your choosing. This topcoat is a powder-based coating which is applied electrostatically to provide fully comprehensive coverage to the surface. Our process breathes a fresh lease of life into your furniture, taking it above and beyond its former glory.